What Is A VSCO Girl?

First of all, if you haven’t heard the term “VSCO girl” yet, you will…soon. It’s all over the internet and social media.

The name comes from the VSCO (pronounced “Visco”) app, which boasts more than 2 million paid subscribers, with 50 percent of those subscribers under the age of 25. Founded in 2011, VSCO was built for photography enthusiasts and offers an array of filters and editing tools.

People see it as a safe place to be creative and expressive a popular photo-editing app that doesn’t have the pressures of attaining “likes” for pictures users post. Through this app, the VSCO girl emerged.

The VSCO girl has a certain aesthetic. Here are the main attributes that describe a true VSCO girl:

  • Brandy Melville crop tops or  oversized tees
  • jean shorts
  • scrunchies, either in their hair or on their wrist
  • a dewy face courtesy of Mario Badescu facial sprays
  • Pura Vida puka-shell bracelets and necklaces
  • a Fjällräven backpack
  • a sticker-covered Hydro Flask water bottle
  • they love taking photos in nature
  • they use reusable metal straws
  • Crocs or Birkenstocks

If you Google “VSCO girl,” there are tons of TikTok Videos and YouTube videos of girls creating videos and parodies about VSCO girls. And there are videos about VSCO sleepovers and VSCO dates and the list goes on. What is interesting is these girls are often parodying themselves. It’s a fine like between making fun of the VSCO girl and being a VSCO girl.If you remember the 90’s, this look isn’t new. I still wear my Birkenstocks, they never made a comeback for me. Neither is the idea of teens all dressing exactly the same. What is new is the naming a group of people because of an app they tend to use and how fast this look spread because of social media. These girls aren’t just found in California. It’s a beach look, but every high school in the US has VSCO girls.

Project B3 wants you to stay on top of the newest slang and social media topics. This way, when you hear your preteens and teens using words like “VSCO girl,” or suddenly your teenager is dressing completely differently, you’ll know why!