Technology + Mindfulness

For years, we have been learning about the positive benefits of practicing meditation. Three main positive affects are enhanced focus, fostering compassion and self-esteem, and building empathy and happiness.
Knowing that, who wouldn’t start today, right? Well, it’s easier said than done. Two of the main challenges people often face with practicing mindfulness is getting started later in life and finding the time in the day to meditate. Meditation is a learned skill and time management is a hurdle for most of us.

This is where technology may be a positive solution! iPhones and iPads are second nature to our youth and can be amazing educational tools. As parents, why not introduce them to apps that can help them connect, relax and reflect at an early age so that by the time they become adults it will be a normal part of their daily routine?

According to Maureen Healy of Psychology Today, “One simple mindfulness practice done consistently with your children can help them calm and connect to their inner peace. The place within that isn’t chaotic and troubled by the latest text, bully at school or mean comment from their sibling. So whether it’s a gratitude bedtime practice, deep breathing (one hand on stomach, one on heart) or use of mindfulness apps, most children can learn to pay attention and bring themselves back to a calm place even in the midst of a challenge.”
Ready to help your family de-stress and calm down? We’ve made a list of some of our favorite apps out there today.

Apps for Younger Kids:

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame Street, 4+, Free for
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android. A familiar monster helps kids problem-solve and de-stress.

Smiling Mind, 5+, Free for iPhone, iPod Touch and  iPad. Meditations that offer a little something for everyone.

Three Good Things, 7+ Free for iPhone, iPod Touch and  iPad. End the day positively with this unique digital journal.

Apps for Older Kids and Teens:

Simple Habit, 7+ Free for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPadMediation tailored for busy people. Learn to meditate in 5 minutes per day.

Calm, 7+ Free for iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Health and Fitness. Meditation for all ages, includes sleep stories, nature images, and sounds. Meditations are based on topics such as anxiety, sleep and forgiveness.

Stop, Breathe, Think, 10+ Free for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Great for those who need help managing the stress of school or finals, coping with a breakup or a loss, dealing with anxiety or depression.

At Project B3, we know that our children’s lives can  much more stressful, hectic and overwhelming than our own childhood’s may have been. Online bullying, social media, college application deadlines and year-round soccer can be overwhelming. We suggest taking a break with your kiddos and teach them to be mindful and present.