Rinstagram vs. Finstagram

We have all heard of Instagram, right? It’s a fun photo and video sharing app that has cool filters and editing capabilities. Users are drawn to the almost immediate feedback they get from sharing, through “likes” and comments. According to sciencedaily.com, the current data from the United States, shows that about 76% of teens use it regularly. On any given day, a teen accesses Instagram around 10-30 times. They check likes, comments, share stories, view their friends’ latest posts, and follow their interests. But, for some teens, Instagram can become more than just photo sharing and fun video sharing. It can become stressful, competitive and a place where you may feel judged for every single post.

Let’s start with the definition. “Rinstagram” is a combination of the words real and Instagram. When teens refer to their “Rinstagram,” this is the account they share with everyone. It’s the collection of posts and photos that they want the world to see. It’s how they want the world to perceive their lives. This is the account they probably share with you, their parents.

“Finstagram” is the combination of the words fake and Instagram. This is a second account some teens create for less people to see. What is interesting about this account, is it may not be what overprotective parents and adults may initially think it is. Apparently, these “fake” accounts are for closer friends and smaller audiences that the teens feel comfortable sharing fun, silly, imperfect moments of their lives with. The pressure of online perfectionism has become too much to handle, so many teens are creating an outlet for themselves through a fake account.

As a parent, you are probably reading this and asking, “Should I be worried about a second instagram account?” Our opinion is, probably not. For most teens, their Finstagram is NOT a second account to create a profile they want hidden from their parents and other adults in their lives because it’s inappropriate. Chances are,  they aren’t posting nude photos or other inappropriate content. Finstagram is a place where they can be themselves and not worry about whether the world “likes” it or not.


Project B3 Tips and Suggestions:
  • Ask your teen about their Instagram account and ask to look at it with them. If you both have an account, ask if they mind if you follow them on the app.
  • Check their friend list. Start an open dialogue about who they’re connecting with.
  •  It is very simple for anyone to add a second account to your Instagram account:

 1. Open the Instagram app and view your profile.

 2. Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner to open Settings within Instagram

 3. Scroll down to the bottom. Tap Add Account.


  • Instagram users are able to add up to 5 accounts, so your teen may have multiple accounts. And remember, every account has access to instant messaging.