ReplyASAP- An Easy Solution

With technology today, it is so easy to stay in touch with our preteen and teenage children. Right? Wrong.

How many of us have children who we have equipped with iPhones and Androids that don’t answer our calls or reply to our texts? Our tweens and teens keep their devices on silent or vibrate or just plain ignore our attempts to reach them. Social Media is a high priority. Mom and dad are a low, low priority.

Nick Herbert noticed that giving his son a phone didn’t actually help him get a hold of the boy. His son constantly had his phone on silent and was “too busy” to check in. He decided to create an app called ReplyASAP that basically freezes your child’s phone and sounds an alarm (if the phone is set to silent) until he or she answers your text or call. Once they have responded, they regain access to their phone.

According to Herbert, “An alarm will continue to sound until the child presses one or two buttons that are across the screen,” Herbert explained. “In order to carry on with what they’re doing, they have to press one of the buttons that tells the parents that they’ve seen the messages.” reported that, “the app, which has received 6,800 downloads globally, is currently available on Android devices. An iOS version will be released soon, Herbert said. The first connection is free, but to connect with more than one person, it costs $1.27.”

The logic is that if the child responds, the parent knows that they are alright. Also, perhaps the child will realize that if he or she’s parent is willing to sound an alarm to get their attention, next time they might just answer the first text or phone call from mom or dad.

Project B3 thinks ReplyASAP might be an easy solution for parents of children who are “too busy” to reply to texts and calls. We like easy and we like solutions!