Keeping Up with the Kids: 2020 Trends

Project B3 knows that one of the biggest challenges with technology and kids is that it is ALWAYS changing. Once we finally figure out (and fall in love with) Instagram, our kids are on to the next big thing that we’ve never heard of. It can leave us feeling defeated and…kind of ancient. This post is a look into the trends that 2020 has in store for the younger generation, so the grown-ups can have some insight before these trends and fads pass us by. asks kids at the end of every year, what they predict will be “the next big thing” by using PopJam, a moderated content-sharing platform. PopJam gives kids a safe digital space to share their thoughts, without sharing their data or personal info. Last year, in 2019, PopJam users predicted big things for Fortnite, TikTok and YouTube, but also squishies, phones (particularly the new iPhone), unicorns, the Nintendo Switch, LOL Surprise! and Stranger Things. I’d say they got it right. TikTok is HUGE and you can’t go anywhere without seeing a unicorn in some form.

So, here are PopJam’s predictions for Kid’s Trends in 2020:


1. VSCO Girls (and other tribes)
PopJam users predict that VSCO boys and E-girls (Electronic girls, who are into gaming, cosplay, filters and anime) will be huge in 2020. Along with that there are mentions of Soft girls (plushies, pastels and pinks), so we can definitely expect a year of emerging online social tribes (Goths, Emos and some other surprises).


2. TikTok

Some of the biggest trends of last year were dances or challenges that were born on TikTok and then lived on, on YouTube (for kids wanting to watch endless compilations, who weren’t allowed to use TikTok). PopJammers predict a another new dance craze, which are always fun for every age group.

3. Gaming

Globally, Roblox was predicted to be the biggest game for 2020 (apart from Australia, where it was Minecraft). In the UK/ Ireland, Minecraft was predicted to be a greater trend than Fortnite.

Fortnite has generally been less interesting to PopJammers this year, but their world-ending stunt did get kids excited. Minecraft has been on the rise. On Roblox, kids are enjoying Adopt Me!

4. iPhones

The iPhone is often the lazy/easy trend-predictors choice, because every year there is a big deal made about the latest release. PopJammers thought that the release of the iPhone 11 was one of the big trends of 2019, and that the unveiling of the next iPhone model will be a 2020 trend.

It’s unlikely that many kids will get the latest iPhone, but if the adults in their lives do, then that often means a better model iPhone works through the family hierarchy, increasing their odds of getting their hands on a better device.

*Other mentions include Instagram, the environment/ climate change, Frozen 2, Gacha (a video game), The Norris Nuts, AirPods, scrunchies, Disney+, Harry Potter and dabbing. Kids in the UK/ Ireland also mention Brexit.

Disney+ looks set to have a huge impact (Baby Yoda is already a popular meme) and Gacha (with the release of Gacha 2) will continue to be a tool for kids creating art and stories about everything else they love, including VSCO girls v E-girls v the other emerging tribes.

Most of the predictions for 2020 show PopJam users have their eyes set on a digital future, with emerging online social tribes, TikTok and online gaming (and devices to access these worlds). According to Craig Donaghy, Head of Community Insight and Child Safeguarding for PopJam, it is now more important than ever to make sure that kids have access to safe, quality digital experiences.

Project B3 couldn’t agree more. We hope we’ve given you a sneak peak into what your kids will be up to and interested in this year. Remember, sometimes their interests are just as much fun for you, as it is for them. Hello, Disney+?