Franktown (Really) Rocks! It’s G-Rated.



What It Is:

Franktown Rocks is a multiplayer, social online game that is  geared toward kids aged 8-12. Players create a character in a virtual world called Franktown and explore games, videos, and music. The game focuses on social interaction with other children in a safe, friendly online environment. Although it is free, you can upgrade for a fee, but that is not necessary.  Common Sense Media says that, “music is the big draw — hip enough to grab tweens’ attention while diverse enough to sprinkle in some encouraging music appreciation lessons.”


What Parents Need to Know:

All of Franktown’s content is prescreened by parents and is G-rated. There are songs, games, videos and a virtual world, but the focus is really on music. There is a zero tolerance policy on swearing, cheating, cyber bullying or generally mean behavior to other players.  Certain topics are also not permitted such as drug and alcohol related topics as well as any sexual or racial talk that is deemed inappropriate for children and will result in disciplinary action.


Project B3 Tips and Suggestions:
  • Teach your children from a young age (8-12) how to behave online in a social setting: Be safe. Be smart. Be kind.
  • Ask your child what they are working on and what they are playing. Show interest in their interests.
  • Franktown seems to truly pride themselves on safety, but safety starts in your home. Know who your children are interacting with online and if that interaction is appropriate.