Creative Apps for Kids

Many parents worry about the amount of screen time they allow their children and often feel guilty about it. But, here at Project B3, we know that there is so much more to the internet that just endless of hours of pointless YouTube videos and posting selfies on social media. We have compiled a short list of super-cool, super-creative apps that will engage your child and may even inspire their creative passions!

Drawing and Art

Procreate, iPad, $5.99
According to Common Sense Media, “Procreate is a professional-level medium for digital artists. Its 48 brushes include sets of pencils, inks, paint brushes, and digital tools. Kids can also create their own custom brushes, or buy additional brushes. They can work in layers as well as choose the canvas size and shape. Procreate is capable of producing incredibly high resolution work – up to 16 megapixels (which is 20 times better than the original iPad’s resolution). Kids can import files from Dropbox or a camera, and they can export their creations to Dropbox, iTunes, or as Photoshop PSD files; they can also share creations via social media.”
Be sure to give your kids plenty of time to create and explore when using this app, mistakes are part of the process. Younger children will definitely need adult guidance.


Incredibox, iOS, $4.00
According to Parents Magazine, “Plenty of music schools incorporate this super-hip game, which helps mix masters create their own rhythms. That’s because it’s a wonderful way to get kids excited about music composition—especially when classical instruction methods might not be as appealing as the chance to DJ. The goal is to manage a band of hipster beatboxers. Drag and drop icons onto the different characters to create songs from musical elements like melodies, voices, chorus, effects, and beats. When you discover certain combos, you can unlock bonus features—a trick that always gets kids exploring more.

Parents should know there is a social aspect to the app, giving kids the ability to share mixes with friends (and strangers) to earn votes. But if you’ve got younger children, it’s just as easy to save your recording and skip the sharing.”
This app is recommended for ages 4+, but seems to be most popular with 8+.


Scribblepress Creative Book Maker, iPad, $4.99
According to Apple, this app is “Designed for the classroom and at home, Scribble Press is a creativity platform for children to imagine, write, illustrate, and share their own stories. New, powerhouse features include video export, audio recording, music, 300 new drawing tools, backgrounds, and stickers to inspire creativity and 30 fill-in-the-blank story starters ranging from the silly to the sublime.

This fun and family friendly creativity platform has been called “hands down the best story creation App” and has won numerous awards from educational and parenting media. Originally launched for the iPad in 2011, Scribble has since been adopted in thousands of classrooms and been used to create over 100,000 books.”
This app is great for kids aged 4+.


Hipstamatic, iOS, $3.99
Parents magazine raves about this app: “For kids who are a bit older, nothing beats Hipstamatic when it comes to the fun of exploring the details of photography. This is the original retro camera app that lets users shoot through digital versions of all kinds of camera lenses. It allows kids to learn about the impact that the various film and lens combinations can have on their final shots. Shoot in ClassicMode to really mimic the feeling of an analog camera. Or now you can toggle to ProMode, which offers more control and gives you the ability to edit and change film and lens combos after the photo is shot. You’ll be amazed at what even young children can perceive once they’ve trained their eyes to really look.”
Hipstamatic is for kids 4+ if you trust them with your device, buy ideal for ages 7+. There are also in-app purchases to look out for.

This is just a small sample of fun, creative apps that are available for your devices. We just wanted to give you an idea of what else is out there- beyond Snapchat and Fortnight! When are kids are learning, growing, and creating, it is much easier for them to #BeSafe #BeSmart and #BeKind.