BitLife: App Review

What it Is:
BitLife is a text-based app that simulates real-life by starting the player off as a random character at “birth” and then allows the player to make each and every choice in it’s virtual life. The choices are what are called “text-based” but they have very mature decisions to make as the player “ages.” These choices include: one-night stands, threesomes, illegal drugs, murder, and unprotected sex that can result in pregnancy. The game begins with a sperm and ends with your character dying based on the choices the player has made.

What Parents Need to Know:
While this life simulating game  may be fun to play as a distraction from your real-life, it is definitely meant for a mature audience. This is not an app meant for kids and in most cases, teens. According to a review on Common Sense Media, “BitLife regularly offers your character drugs and alcohol, encourages you to gamble and either have a hookup with a stranger or coerce a boyfriend/girlfriend into having a threesome. The language is a bit bawdy, but it’s all meant in a humorous vein. Similarly, you always have the option to murder a character and it’s done in a light-hearted fashion. So while older teens and adults who understand the tongue-in-cheek approach and mature content will likely get a kick out of this simulator, BitLife – Life Simulator is definitely not appropriate for kids and younger teens.”

Project B3’s Tips and Suggestions:

  • This is an example of a game that seems harmless, but once you start playing, you see that it has mature themes and isn’t intended for children. Be sure to keep an eye on what your kids are downloading and playing.
  • Be clear and set boundaries with your kids about what they can and cannot download to their devices.
  • If your mature teen is playing this game, be sure to set time limits on their device. Life Simulation games are known to be an “addictive” type of game.