“Back-To-School” Apps

Whether or not we want to admit it, summer is over. We’ve done all of the back-to-school shopping and loaded the calendar with all of the school events it can possibly hold. We’ve stuffed the backpacks, packed the lunches and waved goodbye to that yellow school bus.  Our kids are starting to get into the swing of a new routine, slowly but surely.

After the excitement of a new school year begins, the reality of the expectations it holds sets in. The amount of work and organization it takes to be successful in school these days can be overwhelming, even for the most competent students.

We’ve found a great list of “Back-To-School” apps on Common Sense Media that might help your students at home start off the new school year by getting organized, staying on task and creating better study habits.

Apps to Get Organized:

Choiceworks Calendar. 8+
With lots of visuals to choose from, this planner empowers kids to organize their time

Time Timer. 7+
Extraordinarily easy-to-use, customizable timer app to help kids with productivity, efficiency, and focus.

SoundNote. 14+
Because kids can sync audio with written notes, this app can help kids get information in multiple ways and keep them organized.

Apps to Study Smarter:

GeoWalk HD – 3D World Fact Book. 8+
Kids can explore a wide variety of facts in bite-sized, visually appealing chunks.

BrainPop. 10+
Videos and animated content serve up lots of educational information.

Yup – homework help with Math & Chemistry Tutors. 13+
Through the app teens can contact qualified tutors who will walk them through problems step-by-step.

Project B3 knows that all students learn differently, and that for some students, an app may just be another screen distraction. But, for some, it may be a truly useful tool for them to get organized and to learn in a different way. We love to find POSITIVE ways young people can use technology in their lives. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more USEFUL apps for students.